• CASK (Canadian Association Sport Kickboxing) Level 1 Coach

  • WKF (World Kickboxing Federation) Certified Official

  • Can-Fit Pro Personal Training Certification

  • Certified Instructor – TKO Fighting Arts (under Steve Witter and Chris Greig)

  • Poo Choi Kru – IFMA (International Federation Muay Thai Amateur, Ajahn Suchart)

  • Lived, trained, and competed in Thailand 

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt under Shaun Carrique

  • NextGen 2017 Gold Medalist, white

  • Grappling Industries 2017 Gold Medalist, white 

  • NU Inhouse 2017 Bronze Medalist, white

  • Provincials 2018 Bronze Medalist, blue

  • Alma Luta 2019 Silver Medalist, blue

  • Ascension 2019 Gold Medalist, blue

  • Fight 2 Unite 2019 Gold Medalist, blue

  • Grappling Industries Buffalo 2019 Gold Medalist, blue

I started Muay Thai in 2006 under the watchful eyes of Kru Steve Witter and Kru Chris “Woodcutter” Greig of TKO Fighting Arts, Kitchener. A young ambitious kid who thought that he could take on the world.


With only 3 months of  training, I decided to have my first fight.  My opponent came from the renowned SIAM #1 and held a total of 15 fights and many more training years experience.  3 rounds into the fight my corner threw in the towel as I was completely outclassed and proudly humbled. This began my journey down a path of self discovery and knowledge. With a solid team behind me, I went on an 8 fight winning streak soon after.

Fighting isn’t just about brute strength, it’s about personal development. To understand combat really means to understand oneself.  When you honestly express yourself in that ring, success will follow. The journey towards continuous and never-ending growth begins now.